We’ve built a free cost-of-living forecast to help you navigate rising costs

It became clear this year just how serious the rising cost of living was going to be for UK households. The brunt of this has initially been felt by those with lower incomes – so much so, in fact, that the Government rightly stepped in to provide some practical support. However middle-income families are increasingly experiencing a progressive erosion of their household finances too, as everyday costs of fuel, food, energy, and debt step up mercilessly. Unfortunately, the toughest months are still ahead of us.

Nous’s product vision is to build a service that manages all of the routine household admin for you, keeping a watchful eye on everything from energy bills to home insurance, to make life simple and ensure households are getting a fair deal.

Building that service is a big task which will take many months yet for our small team. Meanwhile, UK households are facing an urgent challenge. Moreover it is a challenge that our research indicates most people are still very significantly underestimating. So we asked ourselves: what can we do to help families get smarter about exactly how the rising prices of their household services will affect them?

Our answer is our free cost-of-living forecast, now available in beta at nous.co. By tying together a number of third-party databases and information sources, it provides an instant personalised view of how we expect your household finances will change over the next 12 months. 

Your personalised cost-of-living forecast shows exactly how rising costs will affect your household finances, and what you can do about it. Head to nous.co and enter your postcode to get started.

We will continue to evolve and improve this free tool, to ensure it is as useful as possible, and provides the clearest picture possible of how rising living costs are likely to impact your household.

Accompanying the forecast is a wealth of online resources at knowledge.nous.co that we are curating to provide practical guidance on how to make a personal plan to face the rise in living costs. 

As ever, we welcome all and any feedback at hello@nous.co.

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