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Nous saves households money and time.

We keep track for you

We automatically track your household providers and services.

You’ll never miss a deadline for renewing, switching or saving again.

We find you exclusive savings

We find great contracts with leading brands, or renegotiate your current one.

You get access to members-only tariffs that aren’t available elsewhere.

We handle all the hassle

We’ll check the small print, fill the forms and manage everything for you.

You always have the final say before any changes, so you stay in control.

You get cash rewards

Comparison sites earn commissions. Nous gives you that money instead.

We don’t profit from promoting deals, so your interests always come first.

Nous keeps tabs on all major household providers in the UK.

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We’re smarter together.

For too long big providers have been profiting while households had to manage their bills all on their own. But now we can use technology and the power in numbers to help people get a fairer deal. By joining our Nous community, you’ll add to our collective knowledge and be better protected against rising costs.


Who is Nous for?

Nous is for everyone. The cost-of-living crisis is hitting all households, but each one is affected in its own way.  We built Nous with the belief that technology can make life simpler and fairer for everyone. Our free service helps households get wise and stay vigilant against rising costs. And when we manage household bills for our members, we free them from a lifetime of admin while saving them money and time. 

Nous membership also works when the primary Nous account holder isn’t the person who pays the bills (for example, if your employer provides Nous as a benefit). After you’ve signed up, just invite other members of your household to join your household account for free.

How does Nous save me money?

When you’re a Nous member, we do all the work to find you big savings and save you time. There’s power in numbers, and Nous members get exclusive access to tariffs that we’ve negotiated directly with providers. Often, we’re able to secure market-beating deals that aren’t available elsewhere. We also give our members any commissions we’ve earned, because that’s the fair thing to do.

If you're only using our free service, Nous helps you get wise and stay vigilant against rising costs. Read How it works

How is Nous different?

Nous is a brand new service that handles all the hassle of managing your bills and providers. Until now, it’s taken households days of effort every year to avoid overpaying. If you forget when a renewal is due, you get price-walked into paying more than you should.

And services that are supposed to help you find cheaper tariffs don’t always have your best interests at heart. Price comparison sites and so-called 'free' energy switching companies aren’t really free – they earn as much as £60 a pop in kickbacks. Which makes you wonder, who are they really working for?

Nous is different because we only earn money from membership fees, which means we can truly act in your best interests. For a small monthly subscription (paid by employers as a benefit for their staff, or directly by an individual householder), we do all the work to find big savings and save you time. What’s more, if providers pay us commissions for work we do on our members' behalf, we’ll never pocket it ourselves. Instead, we give it back to our members as extra savings.

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Get Nous for your house. Navigate the cost-of-living crisis.

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About us

No-one should be dealing with the cost-of-living crisis all alone. We’re building a new service to liberate households from drudgery and make people’s lives simpler and fairer.

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