Nous teams up with The Sun to battle Big Broadband

We’re delighted to be partnering on an initiative with The Sun to reach their 5m daily readers—many of whom are eligible for a so-called ‘social tariff’ from their existing broadband supplier, but either don’t know such tariffs exist, or aren’t sure if they qualify.

Using our new tool, available for free at, users can quickly confirm if their household is eligible for a social tariff from their current broadband provider. They can then simply ask Nous to request a social tariff for them, saving them the hassle.

For a typical household, this will deliver savings of at least £150 over the next year – a welcome piece of news for those struggling in an otherwise dismal financial landscape.

Although social tariffs were originally proposed years ago, uptake among eligible households has been vanishingly low, with Ofcom reporting in March that fewer than 1 in 50 qualifying households have taken advantage of the scheme.

Many of the bigger players still don’t offer social tariffs at all. Of the handful that do, most have done little or nothing to promote their adoption. A survey we recently conducted among benefits recipients in the UK found that 70% had never even heard of broadband social tariffs, and only 5% said their current provider had ever mentioned them.

By joining forces with a major newspaper and taking the side of households who most need support through the cost-of-living crisis, we hope to dramatically increase the adoption of social tariffs across the UK. We call upon those providers who aren’t currently offering them to pull their finger out. And if our pro bono campaign is successful, I’ll be proud to say that it’s Nous and The Sun wot done it.

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