Savings Stories - How Chris saved more than £650 with Nous

Chris, 43, lives in Bristol with his wife, and works in sales. He saved £653 on his broadband after Nous switched him to a better deal.

What was your approach to managing your bills before you joined Nous?

I think chaos is probably the best way of describing it. My wife suffers with quite severe mental health issues. She’s getting better but the last five years have been quite chaotic and we haven’t really had any time. I’ve been caring for her as well as working full time so finding time to deal with the bills is an absolute nightmare. 

If I have the time I always try to find the best deals, but it’s hard to find the time to actually do it. Having the motivation to deal with it is hard when you have to go find all your documents and search online and fill out loads of forms.

Did you find dealing with your bills could be stressful?

It definitely weighed on my mind whether I was getting the best deal. We’ve been struggling a bit financially so it’s even more important to try and find a good deal.

Have you ever been burned by finding yourself on an unfair deal?

Yes, and that’s what led me to using Nous. I was with Virgin Media and the contract came to an end, and I went from paying £49 a month to £82 a month for my broadband. I just got an email saying that I was now paying that new amount, so that really annoyed me.

How has the rising cost of living affected you and your family?

It’s been very difficult. Because of our circumstances we have quite high energy bills. We’re on a very tight budget because I’m the only person working, so rising prices have been difficult. We had some debt on our energy bill and paying that off has been a struggle.

The money that we’ve saved with Nous will help with paying off those bills. It will allow us to stay on top of things that bit more easily.

How did you find the experience of signing up and finding savings?

It was amazing, really easy. It was a simple and easy to navigate process. I got a WhatsApp straight away and the communication was really friendly. I was asked a few questions to get started, I didn’t have to fill out any forms or spreadsheets.

Were you happy to find out how much you could save?

I knew I could save money, but I was pleased with the deal Nous found, especially as there was a £100 voucher that came with it. 

What would you say are the main benefits of being a Nous member?

One of the most helpful things for me was getting reminders about the end of my contracts. I don't ever remember when my renewals are coming up because I'm so busy with other things. Finding new deals takes a lot of time and is a real hassle, and Nous removed all that.

The fact that the communication was done over WhatsApp was brilliant. Responding to emails feels like much more of an effort, you get so many of them and it’s just not as instant. 

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