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Save your employees hundreds of pounds by having Nous manage their household bills.

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Nous has helped over 150k households tackle the rising cost of living.

  • Household bills are stressful.

    Nous frees employees and their households from keeping on top of their bills, whilst making their money go further.

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    No extra hassle for your business.

    Other financial benefits create admin. Nous is priced below the taxable benefit threshold, so it won’t cause a payroll headache.

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    Smarter than a pay rise or bonus.

    Nous works harder and smarter to save employees £££s each year, at a fraction of what our service costs your business.

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Nous has helped over 375k households tackle the rising cost of living.

Reduces employee stress.

Rising costs are the number one concern for employees. Lift the burden of stress and improve their financial wellbeing by letting Nous handle the headache of rising bills.
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Works for every employee.

Everyone has bills to pay. Nous makes every employee better off by managing their bills, so they never miss a deadline for renewing, switching, or saving again.
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Saves them hundreds of pounds.

Nous finds a typical household savings of over £500 across their energy, mobile and broadband bills –  that’s equivalent to a 2% pay rise for a typical UK worker.
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Rising costs are the #1 concern for employees
People spend 13 days a year tackling life admin
88% say workplace benefits improve happiness

Our members trust Nous to take care of business.

“Giving Nous membership to our team hasn’t just saved people money, it’s helped them budget too. It's a great addition to our employee wellbeing package.”

Nick Barton

Founder & CEO, The Barton Partnership

“Wow – thanks to Nous I’m on track to save £442 on my energy bills this year.”


“I got a £126 cash reward for moving energy supplier. Took 3 mins, no brainer.”

Central London

Here are just a few of our savers.

How it works.

We run money-saving sessions for your team where they’ll find out how much they’re overpaying on their bills. Then we’ll:

We keep on top of things.


We find exclusive savings.

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We handle all the hassle.

Animation showing Nous giving you cash rewards

We pass on cash rewards.

Make your team better off today with Nous.
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Why is financial wellbeing important in the workplace?

25% of employees worry about money every single day and 80% can’t concentrate at work because of financial anxiety. With rising costs being the number one concern for employees, HR leaders are increasingly looking for ways to support their teams through the cost-of-living crisis.

Nous improves your team’s financial wellbeing by helping them get wise and stay vigilant against rising costs – all while saving them money, time, and stress.

How does Nous for Business work?

Nous for Business saves your employees hundreds of pounds by managing their household bills. We handle the hassle of bill management, keeping track of their providers and services so they’ll never miss a deadline for renewing, switching, or saving again.

After joining Nous (via a money-saving session we set up for your company) we get to work finding them exclusive savings with leading brands – giving them access to members-only tariffs that aren’t available elsewhere. We can save a typical household over £500 a year – but we’ve saved some people over £1,500.

With annual membership to Nous, your company can make a fast, targeted difference to your employees’ financial wellbeing – supporting them with the cost-of-living crisis and reducing financial anxiety.

How much does Nous cost?

Pricing starts from below the Benefit in Kind Threshold of £50 a year. To get a personalised quote for your company, click here.

How much can you save my employees?

Use our employee financial wellbeing calculator to find out how your team is being impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, plus how much money they could save on their bills.

What can Nous for Business help with?

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting all households, but each one is affected in its own way. We built Nous to make life simpler and fairer for everyone, managing bills for our members to free them from a lifetime of admin while saving them money and time. At the moment, we help your team stay on top of their household finances by managing their mobile, energy, broadband, and mortgage. Soon, we hope to expand this to include insurance.

How do employees get started?

Book a demo to schedule a money-saving session for your team. Each employee attends a session lasting 25 minutes that is run by a Nous bills expert. At this session, we explain that nearly 9 out of 10 households overpay for their household bills. We’ll explain how to sign up, show them exactly how much they’re leaving on the table, and start saving them money.

Our team has saved people hundreds of pounds within hours of them attending one of these sessions.  Read more of our savings stories here.

Nous keeps tabs on all major household providers in the UK.

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No-one should be dealing with the cost-of-living crisis alone. We’re building a new service to liberate households from drudgery and make people’s lives simpler and fairer.

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