Savings stories – How Liza saved £605 on her bills with Nous

Meet Liza, a 32-year-old account manager. She and her wife, Emma, own a one-bedroom flat in South London, where they live with their cockapoo, Teddy. Nous saved Liza £605 on her broadband after her employer, Thirdfort, offered her membership as an employee benefit. 

How did you stay on top of your household bills before joining Nous?

When I moved into my flat four years ago I got on top of it and looked for some good deals. Since then it’s just been something that I’ve ignored, I’ve just paid the direct debit and not really thought about it. I just accepted what I paid each month as part of life.

What was stopping you from looking for fairer deals?

I found it overwhelming. There’s so much information that it’s hard to know what I should be doing. I would see a deal that was cheaper, and wasn’t sure if that meant it wasn’t as good. The faff of having to change things and the admin you have to go through also put me off. 

Have you ever been burned by a bad deal on any of your household bills?

Yes – my internet. When I first got it, it was a good deal for new customers. Since then they’ve been sneakily putting it up, and I’ve just accepted it. In the past I’ve thought I should cancel it because not only was it expensive, it didn’t work very well. On work calls or while I was watching TV it would cut out. I’ve got on the phone to them and then been on hold for so long that I’ve just given up and thought I’d just swallow the cost.

How have rising bills impacted you and your household?

The cost of the heating in my flat is paid via my service charge, and the price of that has rocketed. It’s gone up by about £300 a month since I moved in. That’s definitely impacted us and it’s made me a bit more aware of what we’re using. My wife does like to leave the lights on, and I’ve been thinking more that we should switch things off when we’re not using them.

How do you think you’ll use the money that you’ve saved with Nous?

At the moment we're saving up to try and get a house instead of a one-bed flat, so the savings are very helpful for that. It’s a lot of extra money each month that can go right into that savings pot. 

How did you find the process of joining Nous?

I joined after my company offered Nous membership as a workplace benefit. We had an induction call to go through it and I got signed up. Even before the end of the call that we had, Nous was already getting things moving. It was really good, really easy and really quick.

What would you say are the best bits of being a Nous member?

The savings are definitely important – everyone wants to save money and not be overpaying. Plus there’s the time saving as well, it takes a long time to try and figure out the best thing to do. With Nous you can actually talk to someone and that’s really helpful. All the things I've asked via WhatsApp have been answered quickly and very clearly as well.

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