Welcoming Todd, our new CTO

I am excited to share that I have joined Nous as CTO!

After 5 rollercoaster years since moving to London leading scale-ups and overseeing M&A transitions, I had been itching to get back to the foundations of building a great digital product for consumers in a company with an empowered culture. 

Joining Nous allows me to expand upon consumer-facing product challenges I’ve tried to solve over the past decade on both sides of the Atlantic:

  • Delivering access to fair prices for multiple household needs with a consumer-first relationship lens rather than a transactional search marketing lens
  • Helping consumers build the right utilities, mortgage, banking, and insurance profiles for their unique circumstances without all the lengthy recurring paperwork
  • Leveraging customer and industry data at scale to create unique insights and democratise these learnings for consumers and colleagues alike
  • Working closely with operational expert teams to scale a two-way omnichannel customer dialogue without losing the humanity in these critical interactions

It also allows me to expand upon goals that are are very prominent in the moment we find ourselves, working with exceptional leaders who fundamentally “get it” and care about the big picture as well as the gory details:

  • Using AI pragmatically to solve real-world consumer problems with trust and efficiency
  • Pioneering the next generation of dynamic web and mobile components to improve the low-code capabilities and developer experience for people not already steeped in a decade+ of javascript toolchains
  • Finding new ways to build organic and referral acquisition patterns through being trusted thought leaders for the best ways to help consumers with their finances 

I am a firm believer that tech should be a force for good, and so I'm incredibly excited to join Nous and see how we can make people's lives simpler and fairer through technology. You can follow our progress on Linkedin and Twitter, or you can catch me personally on Linkedin here.

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