Nous is looking for members for our Story Squad

We are looking for Nous members who are interested in sharing their experiences of the cost-of-living crisis to join our Story Squad and potentially earn rewards. 

Nous works with a number of news organisations to shed light on issues faced by UK households. Often journalists are keen to speak to members of the public to hear about how issues such as high energy costs, rising mortgage rates and unfair billing practices are affecting them and their families.

Usually the process consists of a phone call with a reporter, and would involve sharing your name and a photo with the relevant publication.

We are also looking for members to share their stories of saving money with Nous for our website and social media. That could involve a call with our marketing team, or recording a quick video speaking about how much you’ve saved.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, please tick the box on the sign-up page, and we will get in touch with you via email.

We may then contact you with any relevant opportunities to speak to the press, letting you know further details of the story and publication at the time. 

If we put you in touch with a journalist and you complete an interview, we’ll give you a £50 voucher to say thank you.

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No-one should be dealing with the cost-of-living crisis all alone. We’re building a new service to liberate households from drudgery and make people’s lives simpler and fairer.

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