We announced our $9m seed financing today

Today we announced our seed financing round: $9m from a wonderful group of friends, family. serial entrepreneurs, plus the investment firm Mosaic Ventures.

You can read our press release here

This is a real vote of confidence from lots of people who we admire and respect, and we’re extremely grateful to them for placing their trust in us.

Some of the individual investors backing us have built amazing businesses. We have lots to learn from people like Tom Blomfield (co-founder of GoCardless & Monzo), Marc Warner (co-founder & CEO of AI pioneer Faculty.ai), Dan Hegarty (founder & CEO of leading digital mortgage company Habito), Eamon Jubbawy (co-founder of fintech unicorn Onfido), serial entrepreneur Brent Hoberman, and ActiveHotels (Booking.com) co-founder Andy Phillipps.

Others are accomplished thought leaders, such as ex-number-10 strategist John Gibson (one of the original architects of OpenBanking), the former head of Amazon UK, and the former head of the Office of Fair Trading (now CMA). 

And at a personal level, I’m really pleased to bring Mosaic Ventures into the fold. I’ve worked with Toby, Bart and Simon before, and have a lot of time for their thoughtful and high integrity approach to investing. 

I’ve been in and around the venture capital world for a while, and raised significant amounts of capital at my previous business, onefinestay. Raising money for a start-up is not the champagne and high fives you see on TV. Indeed, celebrating the amount you raise always strikes me as odd because in an important sense it’s a fresh obligation: you just have widened the circle of people who you now have to deliver for! 

But the money is essential fuel for our plans to build and launch a service. It allows us to pay fair salaries to our team while we’re on that journey. And it lets us focus on product development. 

The main thing, as Stephen Covey famously said, is to keep the main thing the main thing. Our mission is to create a service that will truly help consumers manage their homes and lives in the face of the challenges ahead. This fundraising helps us to do that.

Read more about our seed financing round on TechCrunch here.

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