Nous seeks our first Founding Members

Ever thought it might be fun to be one of the very first customers of a brand new service? To have a say when it’s still being shaped, before it becomes that polished product that everyone’s talking about? 

Maybe you’ve wondered who were the first people to order Deliveroo, bank with Monzo, or buy groceries online. You’d be amazed just how much influence the first customers have in creating products.  

Let’s make household bills a no brainer

The team here at Nous have played their part in building many of the household services you know and love – from kangaroo-inspired food delivery services to shiny new banks and grocery apps that (kind of) rhyme with “avocado” – but now we have a new target in our sights.

We’re fed up that busy households have to choose between: 

a) the admin of staying on top of all those household utility bills

b) the inevitable ripping-off that occurs if you let it drift 

So, we’re creating a service that will solve it for you, once and for all. If we’re successful, we’ll liberate UK households from £10bn of wastage, dysfunction and corporate villainy.

One in a hundred

From today, we're recruiting a community of 100 Founding Members who want to play a part helping shape what we’re building. This group will bring ideas, opinions that will determine what our service needs to do, how it works, how it’s marketed, and everything in between. 

What we’ll ask of you:

  • To share insights with us about how things work in your household (whether that’s how you pay your bills, who your current providers are, or when quality trumps price) so we better understand how to serve your needs
  • Give us feedback on everything from our branding and marketing to our product roadmap, whether via email, questionnaire, phone/video call or even an online testing platform
  • Likely less than a couple of hours of your time per week – probably much less.

What you’ll get: 

  • A major role in shaping the future of our service and disrupting an industry long overdue a shake-up
  • Free membership for you and your household (including priority member support)
  • To see and test new features before anyone else
  • To be first in line for any future crowdfunding
  • Opportunity to steer our charitable and B Corporation efforts – we’re committed to doing the right thing, as well as doing things right
  • Invitations to regular, all-expenses-paid trips to come and hang out with us in our London HQ (we don’t like to boast, but we have plentiful space for hot-desking and, undeniably, the best coffee in the world)
  • Plus there’ll be swag, competitions, giveaways... but the honest truth is we don’t know what you, as Founding Members, will value most, but everything’s up for discussion, and we’re all ears.

A bit about you

We expect our Founding Members will probably fit into two quite distinct groups of people. Which are you?

1) Early adopter
Maybe you’re someone who gets a buzz out of being part of something from day one. Someone who enjoys watching new businesses take shape, change course and become the next big thing. You’re tech-literate, passionate about good business and you love collaborating with entrepreneurs, especially in the early (sometimes scrappy) stages. In which case, you’re perfect casting and we’d love you to apply.

2) Too busy lately
But what if the description above sounds like the polar opposite of you? What if you’re never early to anything because you’re too busy balancing work, raising a family, and occasionally remembering when it’s bin day? If that’s the case we are especially interested in you joining us. Because our mission is to help busy people like you lighten the load, and actually make money out of having one less thing to do. So if you’re even vaguely intrigued about what that might entail, please apply.

Apply today

We’re strictly limiting Founding Member places to 100 people. If you’re interested in joining we recommend putting your name in the hat today by applying here (it’s a quick questionnaire that takes 1 min).

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