Savings stories – How Christian saved £950 on his broadband bills with Nous

Christian, 44, is the founder of Pawprint, the sustainability scale-up. He lives in Edinburgh with his wife, Alex, his three children aged 10, eight and six, and two pet cats. Christian saved £950 on his broadband bill after Nous found him a fairer deal.

How did you go about trying to find fair deals before you joined Nous?

I love a deal. My Norwegian grandmother was known as half-price Hanna – she loved a deal and she instilled that in us from an early age. I would search for deals when I was aware there was something up for grabs, or if I was on a cost-saving drive. 

We’re a very busy household, my wife and I are a very busy couple. We both work and we’ve got three young kids. So any opportunity to take one worry off our plate and have peace of mind that we're getting good deals, we’ll grab it with both hands.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a provider?

I’ve definitely had situations where I've signed up for a longer deal than I realised at the time, or not reacted quickly enough when a contract ends. It feels like there have been days of my life wasted on calls to energy companies and other household services. 

I found having someone from Nous who was available on WhatsApp was so much more convenient – you can communicate and get such prompt responses. 

How did Nous help you find fairer deals for your household bills?

Nous helped with our broadband access. We both work from home a decent amount of the time and wanted to avoid any problems, so we weren’t going to touch that bill for fear of it going wrong. Because of that we ended up overpaying by quite a significant amount for a good few months, maybe a year. 

I spoke to a Nous team member over WhatsApp who really supported us and gave a great service. Our house is quite old and complicated and we need to use mesh to get quality broadband throughout the house. Nous helped me get my head around that and feel confident that the problem that we'd solved with the previous provider wouldn't be a problem with the new provider. 

The other problem Nous helped me with was that I wanted to get an Apple Watch. The best deal on the surface of it was going to be with a network provider, but that would have effectively tied me into that mobile phone contract for further 16 months. There was a little bit of back and forth on that which helped me set myself up so that I'm going to get a better mobile network deal next year instead of in two years’ time.

Were you happy to find out how much you could save with Nous?

It is a significant amount, I don't think I'd realised how much we could save on that particular bill so that was great. The benefits might not feel huge every month but they accumulate to be pretty significant.

What do you think the money you’ve saved will go towards?

I think it will help to put money aside for the kids’ future education. Mostly it will help us to make sure that we've got a good buffer, given all the uncertainty in the world.

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