Savings stories - How Tom saved £240 on his bills with Nous

Meet Tom, a 45-year-old police officer. He lives in Derbyshire with his wife, his 15-year-old son and Jet the whippet. His older son, who is 19, has moved out of the family home. Tom saved £240 on his broadband after Nous helped him get a fairer deal.

How did you manage your household bills before joining Nous?

I was quite proactive with my bills. For example I did tend to put a reminder on my phone for when a contract was due to expire, and I used cashback sites. I’m quite savvy with these things. With rising prices recently I’ve had to be more cautious with how much we’re spending. 

Because my wife works away half of the time my bills do fluctuate a lot. When she’s away the washing machine is on less and the dishwasher is on less.

How would you describe your experience of joining Nous?

I liked the way it was set up, I thought it was well presented and easy to use. It was great to be able to get advice on WhatsApp, and to be able to talk to someone and get responses to my questions. WhatsApp is something we all use on a regular basis and I liked being able to have a live conversation and get instant responses. 

Having a conversation in real time was one of the biggest things. It also felt very personalised as opposed to being generic. I felt like I was talking to a friend who was saying: “This is your best bet Tom, have a look at this.”

What are the key benefits of joining Nous?

One of the most important things is knowing that you guys are on top of it. I got a reminder from Nous when my broadband contract was up for renewal – I know now I can just put some details in and forget about it then Nous will manage it for me.

I’ve already recommended it to some colleagues at work. I told them: “Just use this, it's easy. Somebody else does all the legwork.”

Were you pleased with how much you managed to save on your bills?

I got some fantastic advice with regards to my broadband which meant I saved £240 – plus I got a £70 voucher. The savings are a huge help – it’s a lot of money and the beauty of it is it gives me some flexibility. 

What we like to do is to put the money aside. That amount that I’m getting back each month is going into my savings – we’re quite savvy with stuff like that. Now instead of paying my car insurance over 12 months I’m going to pay it in a lump sum which I'm able to do because of that saving.

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