Savings Stories – How Nous saved Angela time and money on her household bills

Angela, 42, lives in Broadstairs with her husband and her three children aged 14, nine and one. She works as a legal secretary. Nous saved her more than £120 on her energy.

Is saving time as important to you as saving money?

Saving time is definitely as important as saving money. When you’ve got a lot of things to manage it’s nice to have some time back and to have someone to help you out with it. Saving money is top of the list – but saving time is a big factor too.

What was your approach to managing your household bills before you joined Nous?

Every year I would go to a price comparison site and have a look at what the best deals were. I am a bit of a deal hunter and I think you’ve got to try and save money wherever you can. I have quite a busy home life with three children and work, so it’s been nice for someone to take that over. It can be quite confusing working out how to save money.

Have you ever been burned by a bad deal?

Yes, this happened to me recently with my phone. I was quite annoyed about it. I hunted around for a long time for a good mobile deal for me and my son as we’re on the same contract. Within about six weeks of me signing up they put the cost up by £8 a month. It seems quite small but it was a big jump from what I was getting before. When I called the company about it they told me they were allowed to increase their costs by a certain percentage. 

How have you been impacted by the cost of living crisis?

I was on maternity leave recently and that was quite hard. With things going up in price, money is a bit tighter, which is why I decided to return from maternity leave a little bit sooner than planned. Since I’ve been back from maternity it’s been more manageable. 

I’ve been trying to save money where I can and put that aside for other things that are going up. I'm quite organised and I try to save a little bit each month if I can. As mortgage prices go up, that’s going to be a little bit harder.

How have your energy bills been affected?

They’ve gone up massively. I do like a warm home and before I would just put the heating up if it was cold and didn’t think much of it. Whereas throughout this winter I was trying to keep things that one degree lower so it doesn’t cost too much. I’ve got a young baby so it’s harder and you have to keep it warm.

What has your experience of joining Nous been like?

I thought it was really easy. It was really quick and the communication has been great. I was contacted pretty much straight away and it has been really really consistent since then.

All my information is now under one umbrella with someone monitoring it and every question I asked was answered. With switching my energy, every part was taken care of.

What do you think the money you’ve saved will go on?

The money I saved will probably go on food – my boys eat a lot. Having that extra bit a month to go on the shopping bill definitely helps.

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