Savings Stories - How Nous found Georgina more than £700 in savings

Georgina, 28, works in marketing. She has recently moved to a village near Reading with her boyfriend. Nous found Georgina savings worth more than £700 after she joined via her employer, IAG Loyalty.

How has the rising cost of living affected your household?

It's quite a big burden. Some bills have only gone up by a few pounds, but when you put that together with all the bills you’re paying you’re paying quite significantly more than you were a year ago. That does have an impact on your monthly spending and makes it harder to do things like going out for dinner. 

How did you manage your household bills before you joined Nous?

It was a combination of avoiding it, doing it reluctantly and for some of them taking a bit of pride in finding a good deal.

For energy, I went with Octopus in the past because they were a big name, I'd heard of them and the deal looked okay. When I moved into my old flat I was with E.On because they were the provider that was there when we moved in and I never changed it. So for those bills I just went with whatever was easiest, I didn’t really shop around. 

When it comes to things like phone bills, typically in the past I’ve been a lot better at shopping around. I’d say that I haven't really been like that in the last kind of year though because I’ve moved house.

Have you ever been burned by a bad deal?

Yes, I've definitely had that with my phone contract. Previously I was with EE, and when I joined it cost something like £15 a month. When the contract was up I just ended up staying with them and then every year they would put up the price.

Without realising it, just by sticking with them the price had gone up quite significantly since I first joined. I definitely know I could have got a better deal, but I hadn't really shopped around because I didn’t want to put any time or effort towards it. It was a low priority.

What did you think when your company offered you Nous Premium membership?

I thought it was a really great benefit. With prices going up, getting more money in your pocket is probably one of the biggest things a company could help with. It showed that they were empathetic to the cost of living. 

Signing up was really easy, I really appreciated the onboarding session that we had. I liked the fact there was a demo and we could follow along live. It meant that at the end of the intro session, I'd already signed up and had a summary of what you could do for us.

With some benefits, someone mentions it to you and then there’s some secret link somewhere. You don’t know where it is, you can't find it and then it just becomes too hard. If you have to put too much time and effort into working out exactly what a benefit does, it ends up getting lost and bumped down the priorities. Then you never get around to it.

What have you found to be the key benefits of Nous?

The key benefit of using Nous is that it takes away the effort. Nous found me a much better deal for my phone, and I didn’t really have to do anything. I gave my information, and Nous came back with a better offer and sorted it all out for me. 

I also really appreciate that Nous communicates with WhatsApp. It’s so much easier than doing it over email.

Saving time is the most important thing for me, and secondary to that is saving money. I know that if I dedicated time and effort to shopping around and doing lots of research, I could probably have got better deals than I was on before. But the fact that Nous just presented with options was obviously far more efficient. I went back with a bunch of follow-up questions and I got responded to very quickly and efficiently.

How will you use the money you’ve saved with Nous?

It will go towards the work we're doing on the new house. It needs a lot of modernising, so we're working on that. 

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