Savings Stories - How Martin saved £371 on his household bills with Nous

Martin, 36, is a chartered accountant. He lives in London with his wife and their miniature schnauzer puppy, Peggy. Nous saved Martin £371 after switching him to fairer deals for his energy and broadband. He joined after his company, Naked Wines, offered him Nous membership. 

How did you deal with your household bills before you joined Nous?

My approach was mostly reactive – typically I would get a notification that something was coming up for renewal and probably five times out of ten it would roll over and we wouldn’t get to it. We’ve then probably ended on a suboptimal package. 

In other instances when it was time to renew we would use one of the price comparison sites. We trusted that they were returning the best deals that were available. If I can free that time up then I would, because it’s a bit of a pain.

Have you ever been burned by a bad deal from any of your providers?

Yes, probably some of those times where things auto-renew, you don't really benefit from the same discounts as a new customer. 

With that reactive approach, depending on what’s going on in life, sometimes you get to it and you do it properly, and sometimes you miss the cooling off period window and you’re locked into a suboptimal deal. 

What do you prioritise when you’re choosing a provider?

It is usually cost. I typically find the customer service with any utilities is pretty rubbish regardless, so I usually go on the basis of price.

How did you find the process of signing up with Nous through your employer?

When I signed up through Naked Wines I was moving from one property to the next, so I wanted to use you guys to help us switch over when there’s a lot going on. 

I created an account and explained that we were imminently moving from one address to the next, and outlined the things that we wanted Nous to take a look at for us. Nous took care of our energy and also our broadband as well. 

The back and forth on WhatsApp was quick – you can do it while you're on the move and it’s a bit easier than doing it via email or logging into a portal. I found Nous very responsive. It's nice that when you've got an issue, you can just talk to somebody. Nous took a lot of the time I had to spend off my hands, which is great. 

When I switched my energy Nous didn’t just put the numbers in front of me, you took me through the pros and cons. When you do it via WhatsApp you can just do it from your desk without having to put time aside to jump into your emails.

Another big thing for me is that the business invests in it – but it’s not a taxable benefit for the employee.

How are you planning to use the money that you’re saving?

We’ve got a new house so there’s always work to be done there. We’re definitely savers, and we like to overpay the mortgage.

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