Savings Stories - How Josh saved more than £100 with Nous

Meet Josh, a 26-year-old software engineer in the gaming industry. He lives in a rented house in St Albans with one other housemate. Joshua saved £126 on his energy by switching with Nous.

Have you ever been burned by an unfair deal on your household bills?

Absolutely. My previous energy provider went under and I got automatically switched to another, where my bills were about twice the price. My previous housemate and I lost out because we weren’t quick on the uptake, and it all just happened automatically. 

How did you manage your bills before joining Nous?

I usually went with the first thing I came across that looked reasonable. I recently moved house and started a new job, so setting up bills was a bit of a rush. With my energy I was thinking, this looks about the same cost as everything else, let’s just get it sorted.

Did you spend time hunting for deals?

I was pretty hands off. I would just sign up to whatever looked okay at the time and then leave it. I would very rarely have any contact with suppliers, which has probably been why I’ve ended up paying extortion amounts of money.

Have you been cutting back on energy during the cost of living crisis?

Yes I have. In my new house, me and my housemate have got a surround system and our games consoles in the lounge. In the first month when we moved in, our bill was absolutely huge. So we thought, OK we need to make sure nothing’s left on standby. We went round turning everything off at the socket, making an effort to turn the TV off at the wall and that sort of stuff.

How did you find signing up to Nous?

I’ve had a really positive experience. It’s been great being able to talk to Emily from Nous, having that second opinion has been really helpful. When I started I’d just moved house, and assumed that we wouldn’t be able to change that for a year. But Emily looked at it and told us we weren’t tied in. She started looking to get me on a cheaper deal right away. That was great.

Were you happy to find out how much you could save?

Yes! Although we’ve only been doing it for a few months, it’s already made a difference. It means we don't have to be quite so careful when we're doing the weekly food shop. If we go out for a drink, we can have a couple instead of thinking, I’ve only got the budget for one pint on a Friday night. That’s nice for us as we’re settling into the new house at the moment, so it’s great having a bit more freedom.

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