Savings Stories - How Jess saved £306 on her broadband bills with Nous

Jess is a 27-year-old events manager, who lives in Essex with her partner. She saved £306 on her broadband after Nous switched her to a fairer deal. Jess joined after her employer, VenueScanner, offered her Nous membership.

How did you manage your household bills before you became a Nous member?

I would love to say I took a bit of pride staying on top of it, but I didn't. It was a case of getting everything sorted as quickly as I could when I moved into my place in 2019. To be honest, all the deals I got when I moved in I have left rolling as much as I could, just so that I didn't have to deal with it. 

How did you go about searching for good deals?

I used a lot of the price comparison sites, but I probably didn’t research them as in depth as I could have done. I wanted to get it all sorted as quickly as I could. Also if a friend recommended something, like saying the WiFi was good in our area, I’d just get the same as they had. 

What did you think when you were offered Nous by your company, Venuescanner?

It’s great – I thought it was amazing that my employer had thought about that. It shows they obviously care a lot about us and how we get the most out of our salaries.

We’re a tight-knit team already and I know the company cares about us, but it was so nice that they thought about something I might not think of myself. It shows they care about us being happy not just in work, but out of work too. 

I signed up as soon as I could because I knew I’d fallen behind with monitoring my bills. Getting Nous through my company was a push in the right direction to get on top of that again, and I got results within a week.

And because it was free for me to join, it felt like a no-brainer.

How will you use the money you saved with Nous?

At the moment I'm saving for quite a big holiday to Mexico, so every little that I can save is definitely going towards that savings pot. I do enjoy spending on treats for myself or to treat other people, but I do always try and have a pool of money to fall back on too.

How did you find the process of joining Nous?

It was really quick and really easy, and I liked communicating over WhatsApp. When you have to reply to an email I often think I'll come back to it later and then it just sits there, but with WhatsApp you just sort it quickly. 

When I had questions, Nous answered them clearly which was really helpful. It’s like having your own little personal assistant. It does just make things so quick and easy.

I like speaking to a real person who is responsive and gives all the answers I need really quickly.

The money saving has been the biggest benefit for me, but the time saving would be next. When so many customer service lines are only open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, unless you waste your lunch hour sitting on hold it takes so much time to get things sorted.

The savings were more than I was expecting, I didn’t realise I could save so much.  

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