Savings Stories - How Gary saved £141 on his energy bills with Nous

Gary, 59, lives in Essex with his wife, Rhonda, and works for his local authority. Gary saved £141 on his energy bill after Nous switched him to a fairer deal.

How did you manage your household bills before you joined Nous?

Before I joined Nous I only dealt with the bills begrudgingly. I was quite lazy really. 

I tend to just stick with what we’ve got, providing I’m getting a good service. If I’m getting rubbish service then all bets are off – I’ll move without hesitation. Reliability and good service are the most important factors to me. 

What put you off switching to better deals?

With my energy, I was with British Gas for decades because I couldn’t be bothered to change. Then someone in my family moved to Bulb and told me how easy it was, so we did switch to them before Nous found a better deal.

I don’t spend time hunting for deals or using price comparison sites if I can help it. I have used them a couple of times to look for insurance, and then found I got hounded with other stuff that I just wasn’t interested in. Once I’ve made my choice I just want them to leave me alone, but they’re relentless.

With my other bills I’ve worried about reliability. You get all sorts of messages in my local Facebook groups about people’s broadband running really slowly, and a good connection is essential for me. 

What first attracted you to Nous?

The benefit that really sold it to me was the fact that it’s like a concierge service. I thought – bring it on, come and sort out my financial life.

When it’s time to renew a contract, you’ve always got to phone round, or register on a site and then be bombarded with stuff you don’t want. Taking that away is a real benefit.

I do find it exciting when I’ve managed to find a deal for much less money – though you then question how much the previous company has been ripping you off. It’s a real asset to have someone doing that for you.

How would you describe the process of switching with Nous?

It’s really easy, and the process of switching was incredibly smooth. There were a few WhatsApps back and forth and then bang, it was sorted. Nous then checked in to make sure it went OK and to follow up – it was all very seamless. 

What I really liked about it was that Nous actually came to me with a deal to save me money. As I said I’m quite lazy with it, so I probably wouldn't have done that myself. 

The money that we’ve saved means there’s a bit more disposable income. We tend to put money away each month, so when we want to go on holiday the money is there.

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