Savings Stories – How Carrie saved more than £130 with Nous

Carrie is a 32-year-old design program manager who saved £130 on her energy bills with Nous. She owns a flat in South West London and lives there with her pet chihuahua, Malie. 

How did you manage your bills before joining Nous?

I would try to get ahead of the end of my contracts to avoid a price jump, but I didn’t do much jumping around once I’d committed to a contract. I would try to find the best deal but was always quite cautious. I worked on the principal of not going for the cheapest, but going somewhere in the middle, in case in the Ts and Cs for the cheapest ones it turns out you don’t get as safe or good service. I tried to do my diligence when signing up for various contracts but I definitely found it pretty stressful. 

Have you ever ended up being stuck with a bad deal?

I definitely had that with my broadband when the price doubled mid-contract. It turned out that they had retained the right to do that, I just didn’t know.

How have you managed during the cost of living crisis?

I’ve been tightening my belt in terms of things like not going out to as many events, and not eating out as much. I’ve been really mindful of it when thinking about holidays and travel. I’m a very frugal person already, but it’s definitely dialled up.

Have you tried to cut back on how much energy you use?

Yes for sure. I very minimally heated my place this winter and would wear lots of extra clothing, I was very aware of it. I’m lucky in that I went to the office, and benefitted from having that option as well.

How have you found your experience of signing up to Nous?

I recently switched my electricity provider with Nous and that was really easy. Nous very much handled all of the work. I switched to a green energy provider and I wasn’t sure if their infrastructure was as stable, but Nous came right back to clarify that all providers are held to the same bar of quality and resolved any concerns I had there. 

I felt like Nous treated me like an adult, I wasn’t talked down to and you didn’t talk over my head. I felt in very safe hands.

Were you pleased with how much money you saved?

Yes, with the energy bills crisis I didn’t feel like that was an area where I might be able to save. So that was really pleasing. 

How do you plan to spend the extra money?

I really have travel on the brain right now, and I've been holding off on that for a long time just to try to save money. So the money I saved will be added into the travel pot. I’m looking to go to Croatia in the Autumn and do some hiking there.

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