Savings Stories – How Sinan saved £238 on his bills with Nous

Sinan is a 32-year-old automation test engineer who lives in Leicester. He saved £238 on his energy and broadband bills after his employer, ITO World, rolled out Nous membership for their employees. He moved to the UK two years ago, and is renting his own home in the UK for the first time after previously living with friends.

What’s the most difficult thing about dealing with your household bills?

I used to live with friends in the UK and they were dealing with all the bills. This is my first experience here of sorting issues and setting up bills and it’s very hard to know which is the best provider and which is the cheapest. To be honest I just continued with the same companies that my landlord set up. It’s hard because I don’t even know the names of companies in the UK! I thought it would be too easy to make mistakes if I shopped around, which is why I stuck with the safe option.

How would you describe your attitude to money?

I’m quite a balanced person with my money. I wouldn’t spend money that I don’t have but I’m not always looking for deals. I try to get discounts on things I buy but most of the time I'm not very successful. 

How did you feel about being offered Nous membership by your employer?

It was great timing, because I’ve recently started renting this house and wanted to sort out the bills and save some money. And because I found out about Nous through my company, I trusted that you’d be able to help me. I was happy because other perks I've been offered in the past didn’t really come in useful, and weren’t very relevant to me.

How did you find the process of signing up as a member?

I set up my account with the details of my contracts and I got a message via WhatsApp right after. Talking on WhatsApp was a really good experience. It felt like talking to a friend, and the help I got was really friendly and warm-hearted. 

How will you use the money that you’ve saved with Nous?

I’m going to save it for the future. Me and my wife would like to use it for our honeymoon. We think we’d like to go to Italy.

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