Savings Stories – How Simon saved £252 on his energy bill with Nous

Simon, 59, is a chief executive who lives in Tufnell Park, London, with his wife. He describes himself as pretty on it with his household bills, but finds managing his contracts to be a chore. He saved £252 on his energy bills after Nous switched him to a fairer deal. 

How would you describe your approach to managing your household finances?

I’m fairly cautious. I’m pretty on it with knowing roughly what I spend but I couldn’t tell you exactly how much my bills are. I spend on hobbies and eating out – nothing particularly outrageous. 

How did you manage your bills before joining Nous?

It was a chore that I had to do. I would know roughly if my contracts were coming up for renewal but I didn't always act on it. I never had a spreadsheet or anything. There was a certain amount of inertia. It’s so easy to set up a direct debit and not worry too much about it, but you know at some level that you’re not getting the best deal. 

How have you been impacted by rising bills over the last couple of years?

With energy bills, we thought long and hard about it and decided we don't want to be cold. So frankly we had to just decide to spend more. We’ve cut back on other things on the basis that we’re spending more on the heating.

What do you prioritise when looking for a provider?

Cost and reliability are the main things. There are times when I know I could probably get cheaper deals, but I don’t want any issues like finding that the internet has suddenly gone down. 

How did you find the experience of joining Nous?

It was really easy and the team was very helpful. It takes away the headache of thinking about when you should be swapping to better deals. 

Knowing someone else is doing all the thinking about bills is really useful. I’m capable of doing it – but it’s nice to have someone else to do it for me. Nous is like the middleman who does all the worrying for me. 

Were you surprised to find out how much you could save on your energy?

Yes it was a pleasant surprise. The savings were greater than I thought, and if I was doing it myself I don’t think I'd have got round to it. That money is going to help out with the other bills that have all been going up.

How did you find the support you got from the team?

The Nous team answered my questions very well over WhatsApp, it was easy and friendly. The tone of the conversation was great, and I think that really matters. 

Emails from providers can so often be terrible. Communications can easily have a bit of a nasty tone that winds people up, and it’s so important to get that right. 

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