Savings Stories – How Rajiv saved £222 on his mobile bill with Nous

Rajiv, 41, is an optometrist who lives in a semi-detached house in London. He describes himself as more of a spender than a saver, and doesn’t spend much time thinking about his bills. He saved £222 on his mobile phone contract after Nous switched him to a better deal. 

What’s your budgeting style?

I’m probably a spender more than a saver, mostly on sports and holidays. That’s where most of my income goes.

What was your approach to managing your bills before you joined Nous?

I would deal with it when I had to then forget about it. If I got an email I’d try and deal with it but I didn’t have a system for sorting things. With payments coming out regularly I’d try and plan and save, but it got a bit hectic. 

I live on my own so I have to do all the research into finding the right provider and how much everything costs, which is time consuming. I didn't want to spend too long doing it, I’d prefer to do other things which are generating income rather than spending it.

Have you ever been stung by an unfair deal?

I was stung on my mobile phone contract. I signed up for a two-year contract and then suddenly they sprung the prices right up without warning. 

Providers don’t offer you the best deal if you’re loyal. It used to feel like if you were loyal for a certain amount of years they’d look after you, but now they just want more customers instead of looking after their existing base. 

How have you been impacted by rising prices over the last couple of years?

I’ve had to cut back, and I’ve been looking for better deals. I’ve been trying to reduce my expenses that aren’t necessary. 

How did you find the experience of joining Nous?

It was straightforward – it’s easy and friendly to use. Saving money on my phone bill was seamless. It was like having an agent to do all the work for me and save me the time. 

The key benefit has been the money I saved, and then the time I’ve saved. It’s also great having someone keeping an eye out on all your bills, and looking at whether they're shooting up or not.

Because the communication is on WhatsApp it’s really simple to use. You can have a friendly conversation without having to wait on a customer service line with dodgy music playing.

Were you surprised to find out how much you were overpaying?

It was a relief to find out I could save that much. I knew I was overpaying because my bill used to be so much lower. When it jumped up I knew I shouldn’t be paying that much money. I spoke to a few friends and found out they were paying much less.

How will you spend the money you’ve saved?

It’ll probably go towards travel – or I'll put it towards other expenses which have gone up like my gas and electricity. Those things have really crept up. 

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