Savings Stories – How Patrick saved £265 on his energy and mobile bills

Patrick is a 49-year-old senior consultant who lives in South West London with his partner and two daughters, aged eight and 11. He joined Nous after his employer, Daemon, rolled out membership for the team. 

Before that, Patrick took on most of the responsibility of sorting bills for his family, a process he found “stressful and time consuming”. He saved £265 – and hours of time – after Nous found him fairer deals on his energy and mobile contracts. 

How did you deal with your household bills before you joined Nous?

I was managing everything manually. I like to check if I can save on my expenses, so from time to time I would check online for better deals. It was very time consuming and stressful. 

What I really didn’t like is how providers take advantage of their customers, they’re only interested in new customers. They catch you out with extra charges. With my previous mobile provider I needed roaming – I had to pay extra for it and it was really expensive. 

How will you use the money you’ve saved on your bills?

I live close to central London so every pound that I can save is useful, it’s a very expensive place. I’m going to use the money to increase my daughter’s allowance. One of my daughters is about to start secondary school and she wants a laptop that she can use for homework, so this will help a lot. 

Was it easy to get going and start saving with Nous?

I was invited to a money-saving session with the Nous team by my employer, so I thought I’d give it a try. I signed up during the session and it was very user friendly, which I liked. I answered some straightforward questions and Nous immediately told me what I could save on my bills. I uploaded my energy bill, and Nous was able to pull the information and find a better deal.

Using Nous was very straightforward, I hardly had to do anything. Nous took care of everything for me, and told me about the best deals so I could accept them when I wanted to. It was great to have options and make a decision if I wanted to move or not. For me it’s not only about the price, it’s about the service provided. 

What do you like most about Nous?

It makes your life easier – you don’t need to worry about as many things any more. I used to go to Google and try to find new offers and deals and it was quite stressful, now I don’t need to do that any more, everything is automated. Saving time is probably the most important thing for me because I’m quite busy.

Communicating on WhatsApp is great because I could read the messages when I was available, and the customer service team were very responsive. It was very friendly, I felt like I was speaking to one of my friends. 

What did you think when you heard that Daemon was offering you Nous membership?

I thought it showed they really take care of their employees. We have so many perks and the company is really improving the wellbeing of all the people who work for them, and taking the time to find something that’s going to help us with our expenses is great – I really appreciate that.

The culture at Daemon is that they always look to take care of employees. We have mental health support as well as financial help from Nous. We also do charity events, so that’s about giving back to others as well. 

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