Savings Stories - How Joe saved £348 on his bills

Joe, 33, is a lawyer who lives in South London with his wife, Katie. He thought he was doing a decent job of managing his bills – until he discovered he was paying twice as much as he needed to for his broadband. Fortunately Nous was on the case – Joe saved £348 on his bills after switching to fairer deals.

What’s the trickiest part of staying on top of your household bills?

It’s just the neverending faff of it all. It’s really hard to stay on top of all our contracts and remember when I need to think about shopping around. Then when the time comes to find a new deal it always seems to be impossible to get through to a human being so I can ask questions and make sure I know what I’m getting myself into.

Were you surprised to find out how much you were overpaying for your bills?

I was surprised – I thought I was doing a pretty good job of managing the bills. But then I joined Nous and realised I was paying twice as much as I needed to for the internet. It was great to get those savings but annoying to realise I’d been spending that money every month for no reason. 

I thought it wasn’t worth looking for savings on our energy bill so I’d stayed with the same supplier for ages. It was great that I could switch and get a cash reward, and also get a green energy tariff. 

What do you think are the key benefits of being a Nous member?

The money saving is definitely a big part of it. Who doesn’t want some extra cash each month? And another great thing is being able to get expert advice. I’d avoided switching the internet in the past because I wasn’t sure which speed I needed or what the different types of packages really meant, so it was really useful to get tips on what was right for us. I’d been paying for speeds I didn’t need when all I really use it for is to send emails and watch Netflix. 

How did you find the process of getting signed up with Nous?

It was so easy. I put in my details and Nous found me an energy deal basically straight away which was great. I had a couple of questions about the tariff because I wanted to go with a green supplier, so it was really useful being able to ask those on WhatsApp instead of having to mess around with loads of emails or ring up and sit on hold for ages.

I was still in contract for my other bills when I signed up, and then when my internet was up for renewal Nous got in touch with a great deal and I went for that too. I’m planning to switch my phone later in the year when my contract ends and my wife will do the same as well.

How do you plan to use the money you’ve saved?

We’re going to splash out and go out for an amazing meal near where we live. There’s an amazing Cantonese restaurant that does delicious crispy pork that I've got my eye on.

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