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Tell us where you live and securely connect your bank account so we can automatically identify your essential household spending.

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We track price rises and inflation to identify how much your household costs will go up, per provider, so you always have the facts.

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You’ll understand exactly how the cost-of-living crisis will affect your household finances and what steps you can take.

Nous keeps tabs on all major household providers in the UK

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Take the guesswork and uncertainty out of rising household costs.

See all your spending under one roof

Connecting with open banking allows us to instantly identify your utility providers, find your spending, and show it all in one place.

Get clarity on rising costs

We'll work out exactly what you can expect to spend with each provider, based on price rises and inflation, and keep it updated with the latest data.

Keep track of household finances

Invite other bill payers to get the whole picture and see what individual steps your household can take to navigate the rising costs.

Get Nous for your house. Navigate the cost-of-living crisis.

Get Nous for your house

Save time by connecting Open Banking.

We securely connect with all major UK banks to automatically find your providers in less than 2 minutes.

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No-one should be dealing with the cost-of-living crisis all alone. We’re building a new service to liberate households from drudgery and make people’s lives simpler and fairer.

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